John Pugh is a world renowned painter known for 3D murals so realistic, people literally try to step into them. John had a somewhat dated WordPress site that hadn’t been worked on for years and wasn’t mobile-friendly, so he approached First Chair to rebuild it and add some of his latest work while we were at it.

As a talented artist with a very bold style, we wanted to make sure John’s website was as stunning as his art. The design we ended up going with┬áhas a really unique homepage slider, deep AJAX integration, and smooth animations, ensuring a unique experience for his visitors. The biggest challenge on this project was working with John to find and edit hundreds of images from his 30+ year career. Fortunately, we were able to get all of his favorites up on the site. We even created an interactive Google Map that shows where they’re located around the world.

Since launching the site in November 2016, we’ve seen a 38% increase in organic traffic. And since the new site is mobile responsive and loads faster than the old one, engagement has improved too. Working with John and getting to watch him work was an incredible experience to say the least.

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