Kevin Fiscus is a professional photographer based out of Sacramento. He’s had tremendous success working with magazines, yoga studios, and local restaurants, but his website seemed to only generate leads for headshots, so he approached First Chair about using SEO to increase leads for the most valuable keywords to his business.

We started with an audit that revealed dozens of issues that were holding him down in the search results. After resolving those issues, we did some research and selected a handful of target keywords around each of his core offerings and incorporated them into his site. Finally, we helped him create and optimize his online business listings and generate business ratings and reviews, all of which help strengthen the signal to Google that he’s a solid photographer located in Sacramento.

Since we optimized his site in August 2017, Kevin’s website has rocketed to the first page of Google for dozens of the keywords we’re targeting and his rankings are improving by the day. As a result, he’s seen a 2X increase in organic traffic and he receives weekly inquiries for his favorite kinds of jobs.

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