Trail Kitchens designs, manufactures, and sells high-performance camping equipment for vehicle-based adventures. Wholesale orders were steadily increasing after starting the business in 2014, so they built an e-commerce store and starting selling online in 2016. After struggling to find traction online, Trail Kitchens approached First Chair to develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

We spent the first couple months looking at data, researching, and developing a plan of attack. Then we began executing our strategy, starting with major SEO improvements to the website and paid Facebook ads to begin growing their audience and increasing brand awareness. Once the SEO foundation was built, we started creating fresh content, engaging on social media, and doing outreach to build relationships and generate press. Currently, we’re in the process of analyzing sales data from the summer and tweaking the website to increase conversion rates. We’ve also got a Google AdWords campaign running in the background that generates affordable traffic 24/7.

Since we started working with Trail Kitchens at the beginning of 2017, traffic to the website has increased 5-10X, organic traffic has grown exponentially, their social audience and email list has exploded, and several publications, including Outside Magazine, Gear Junkie, and Tread Magazine have written glowing product reviews. The sky seems to be the limit for these guys, and we’re honored to be a part of such a new and exciting company’s growth.

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