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SEO is the holy grail of growth. But most Shopify stores are massively under-optimized because no one's pulled the right SEO levers.

If you want to accelerate your SEO growth, you don't need an expensive agency or flashy tools and apps. You need an SEO expert you can trust.

As your personal SEO guide, I'll help you avoid fatal mistakes and develop a strategy to permanently boost organic traffic and sales.

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Top keyword rankings, strategic content, and continuous SEO have paid off huge for this Shopify client.

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429% Revenue

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"Kevin's SEO strategy has increased our organic traffic exponentially over the last two years. He's honest, highly analytical, and his guidance and explanations have been first rate. I would recommend Kevin's services to any Shopify store seeking to grow its Google visibility and e-commerce activity."

"Kevin is fantastic. You can tell that he genuinely loves what he does and is a data GOD! From building keyword strategies, to implementing a technical SEO strategy. I cannot recommend him enough. He is an asset. It's tough to come across amazing people that run their own business with a passion for what they do - Kevin has it all."