About Me

I'm an SEO expert / data nerd / outdoor explorer who helps Shopify stores unlock their biggest growth opportunities. I use a personalized, 80/20 approach to identify the best levers to pull to accelerate SEO growth. If you're looking for smart, sustainable growth, I'd love to chat.


Kevin Wallner

Shopify SEO Expert

Powered by passion and driven by purpose, Kevin is a strategic thinker with over a decade of professional experience in marketing, data analysis, consulting, sales, and banking. He has an ideal blend of technical and creative skills and is motivated by the opportunity to leverage both to maximize value for his clients. Born and raised in California, he's spent his life exploring the state by snowboard, bicycle, and foot.

My process.

1 KNOWLEDGE is power, yet most businesses dive into SEO knowing very little about the challenges and opportunities ahead. Not me. I meet with you to understand your current situation. Then, I design a custom SEO strategy focused on your business objectives.

2 EXECUTION is everything. With a rock solid SEO strategy in place we'll make the necessary technical adjustments and begin creating content. Some clients prefer the DIY route, others want help. I have experience with a variety of clients.

3 MEASUREMENT is the key to informed decision-making. The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to identify what's working and what's not. I'll keep a close eye on all the important stuff and send you updates so you always know how things are progressing.

Behind the name.

To skiers and snowboarders, the "first chair" represents that coveted position at the front of an early morning lift line, only achieved by the most dedicated of snow riders. Those who are fortunate enough to secure a spot on the first chair are rewarded with fresh powder down untracked ski slopes. I chose this name because, just like those early-rising powder hounds, I work extra hard to ensure you're exactly where you want to be.

My certifications.

Google Analytics is an intelligent web and marketing analysis tool. We're qualified to help you implement analytics on your website and leverage this information to measure your marketing success.

Google AdWords is a powerful online advertising tool. We're qualified to help you setup, monitor, and optimize your AdWords campaigns to help you grow your business on the web.